Austin, Art, Technology, and our Blog is intended to be a number of things, but first and foremost, it is intended to be a satellite in orbit of culture, art, and technology. At the point where these things intersect, we believe truly great things can happen.  Austin, TX is where we’ve chosen as our initial homebase. We’re here today to tell you what you can expect to find on our blog.

Very few places in the world are as good of an example of what those things can mean. From the chaos of SXSW to the local support and community of EAST, the city is vibrant and filled with art, life, and technology. Along with our own event conceptualization and creation, we hope to help shine a light on the other brilliant artists operating in the area. With so many things to see and do, it can be easy to miss some of the amazing art and culture going on in Austin.

Austin culture alone won’t be the sole focus though. We believe in the full gamut of art, so we’re excited to talk about what’s inspiring us, who’s inspiring us, and where it can be seen.  We’ll talk about who some of our favorite designers are (Demobaza, we’re looking at you.),

Model wearing Demobaza - Vest Coat Reunion
Demobaza – Vest Coat Reunion

What’s inspiring us in technology (SpaceX),

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket
SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket

And what artists are setting the world on fire (Meow Wolf).

Tunnel of trees at Meow Wolf in New Mexico
Meow Wolf, New Mexico

We’re excited to also bring you updates on what the members of our Austin collective are up to. Insights into event conceptualization and the creation of the costumes, makeup, and props that go into making performances come to life will be provided. Expect one of our founders, Carla X, to provide deep insights into her tradecraft in the near future, as she embarks on new journeys in capturing her life on the stage and behind the scenes.

You can also expect us to keep you abreast on technological trends as the affect art, and the occasional major insight needed. If we feel our readers need to be aware of things that affect their security or their privacy, we will always look out for our community’s best interests. Expect insightful articles as we explore how technology and art can interact. Maybe an idea that doesn’t result in a project for us can catapult you forward creatively.