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CIRCUS ACTS            

You want high flying aerialists? Mind (and body!) bending contortionists? Sideshow clowns to lighten the mood or shock your audience during intermission? Intergalactic Media has its roots in the circus arts community, collaborating with the best performers across the universe to bring premium cirque entertainment to you. Whatever the budget and scale, we can make the bigtop a part of your life for an evening.


Intergalactic Media provides end to end event entertainment services. We have experience in everything from private upscale events, to nightlife, and lifestyle entertainment.  If you dream it, we can manifest it. We can help you plan, design, style, and amaze.


Intergalactic media has experience entertaining family friendly crowds of all ages, so rest assured, we can make an event just strange enough to be memorable, but still keep Human Resources from banging down your door. Bring your team to another planet for your next corporate event or outing!


Working with fabricators responsible for some of the biggest art in Austin, Intergalactic Media can take your event and transform it into a perception altering journey. Bring your event themes and concepts to life with immersive fabrications that match the costumes and watch your event be transported. Integrating our fabricating skills and collaborators with projection mapping technology can bring our sculptures and performers to life. We enable the culmination of of technology and art, and bring mixed reality experiences to life.

Otherworldly visions

Intergalactic Media is an arts and entertainment company based out of Austin, Texas. IGM was established in 2019 with the goal of providing premium bespoke entertainment specializing in the integrate of high art and event art.

Lets Make Dreams Reality

Your ringleader Carla X here trying to make this page more lively as I get back on the grind trying to get IGM from a concept to the stage. Starting an entertainment company mid pandemic has been no small task, I chose this time to do so because I felt I would have the opportunity of time to focus on this task but the learning curves have certainly been there and there have been plenty of days where my mental health was just not on my side I'm sure we're all experiencing a little (or a lot) of that at this time, but we should all take a moment to revel in our accomplishments however large of small they are.

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."― Henry David Thoreau
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